Workplace Bullying, Harassment or Mobbing

Just as a bullying neighbour can fetch up in a home near you and single you out, hellish situations can arise at work which defy belief or description, with their undercurrents, collusions and machinations.

I will add more on this shortly. Meanwhile you can search the Web, Amazon etc. Stalking and harassment fit in with bullying a lot of the time, in essence if not having strictly the same definition: the effects can be much the same.

Keep a private journal, however brief or cryptic, just to see the dynamics. It's easy to forget which month things happened or in what order, particularly when you have become upset or sensitised. When things get complex and you flounder round, asking Why would someone want to see you hurt, How it works, What it actually is, Why no-one else can see it, just remember that some people seem to have been born with these tendencies or skills. Some may have been subjected to abusive experiences, or have just learned what works to get kicks or one-up-manship for themselves.

And men can act like prima donnas too! They tend to get thought of as Narcissists - a term that also applies to women.

Take your pick...

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